Underwater family portrait

Here's a post I've been meaning to write for quite some time…almost a year in fact. What has made me finally get around to posting it? The timely reminder of producing the second family portrait for Tahnee and Simon.

So what's the deal? We have an actor and a comedian (yes I know it sounds like the start of a joke) and every year they produce a cool Christmas card to send out — it's a bit of keeping in touch and a bit of fun… ok a whole lot of fun). Each year it's different, a different location, a different photographer, a different theme.

This year they called me up and asked 'hey, what can you do?'. Well, I instantly thought 'underwater photography', let's do it ocean side so no pools, with clothes and in a local ocean bath where the water is a bit more controlled. 

After plenty of miss-fires with schedule clashes (try and get three self employed creatives plus children's calendars to match up) we finally got a date. Next problem, we'd had so much bad weather that the only ocean bath with some depth was filthy, quick re-schedule and we ended up in Terrigal.

The next issue was water temp, this was October and whilst the outside temperature was heating up the water was still around 17ºC and their son had been quite sick the last week. 

Like a trooper he carried on but we didn't have a big window of opportunity. 

And here is the result…

To check out a couple more pics from the photoshoot head on over here

Underwater family xmas card

September favourites

Yes I know there's still a week to go in September and I might be peaking a bit early but I wanted to share the best of September so far. 

One of the things I love about photography is coming back to photos and recapturing the moment you were in when you created that shot. The thought process behind each one, whether it was a fleeting moment that you just couldn't let pass or it was a carefully planned shot that you pour creativity in. 

A week in pictures

Nice photo filled week this week and here's a snapshot of it. Bushwalking out to see the local hieroglyphs – are you sure that one is an authentic Egyptian hieroglyph??

Photowalk with the youngest, I think we may have found a great location to head back to here.

Then some compulsory beach time. I think the salt air is a must for every weekend. I almost always come back a bit more revived having sand between the toes and ocean spray in the face.

The 24 Project - Week #4

Well what a cracker of a weekend. The sun was out blazing, the water warm and clear and my boys wanted to help out with this weeks project. 

You'll see on the last three pictures on the beach. 'Love Mummy' - Mummy was out at the markets all day today and boys were missing her. 'Sand' - well you know, it's sand ;). The last one? Our youngest writing his own name in the sand.

Some other comments:

  • The second photo was taken at f5, I was after some blur but not that much - still getting used to this lens/camera combo.
  • Who is Karla? I have no idea but I've had this guitar for over 17 years and it's a bit sentimental to me nowadays.
  • The calendar, 8th of August 2015. My brothers birthday and also 888 this year...
  • Who are you? No one knows if they have your board if they don't know who you are
  • Lazy Bar Stud... think about it :-)

This coming week's theme is under the pics.

Week #5

So what on for the next week? Texture. Texture in anything, it could be your couch, the road, the clouds. It might incorporate previous week's themes with colour or black and white or words. 

Do you have a unique perspective on texture? I'd love to see some of your photos. Put them up on Instagram #24aweek

Take it easy.

The 24 Project - Week #3 photos

Here you go, this week's 24 project photos. The theme was black and white, not just 24 photos converted to black and white but trying to see the contrast and visualise the photo in black and white before taking it.

What's on for this coming week? Words. 

Words that you might see anywhere, road signs, graffiti, train stations, books. Anything and anywhere.

I think this will be a fun one so get out and enjoy.


The 24 Project – Week #3

Ok yes I know, I need to get in earlier but no excuses so let's get into it.

Nice and short and a simple theme I'm working on this week – Black and White.

Now by black and white I don't mean 'just convert 24 photos to black and white'. Consider the photo, consider the contrast of the subject, consider you composition and general photography rules (leading lines, thirds etc)

I watched a Peter Hurley video today and one of the things I got out of it was 'there is a photo everywhere, you just need to see it' so go out and don't just see it, capture it.


24 Project Week #2 - Colour

Week number two, OK technically this has been two weeks. Wow, only the second week in and I'm already having issues. 

From technical issues, I somehow lost all the images on the card last week (that wouldn't happen on film now would it…) to picking a particularly bad week to do the colour theme (lots of clouds and rain) to just being flat out on a contract in the middle of the city with mostly 15 minute lunch breaks to shoot :(

Ok enough of that, yes I did get out and shoot, yes I got some photos and here they are!!!

So what have I learnt this last two weeks? Taking a camera with you everywhere isn't enough, no kidding you say, well it's one thing taking your time and shooting a landscape or quickfire surf shooting or being under the water. Exposing yourself to your fellow humans and taking photos, hmm, that's taking some getting used to.

So here's my tip for the week, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD!!!

Another post tomorrow for this coming week's theme.


24 Project Week #1 – Urban Angles

Here it is, the images from week #1 of my 24 Project – Urban Angles. I'm a bit late tonight in getting it done tonight due to a late running product shoot but true to my word, I did not look at the images before Sunday night and I'm getting them 'developed' and up for all to see Sunday night.

It was a fun week and I'm pretty happy with the images I got. Only one week in and the has already shown me the benefit of slowing down and less 'spray and pray' shooting.  

I've uploaded 15 of the 24 images, the others were either another shot of the same (remember no more than two shot per subject) or they are out of focus due mostly to longer exposures and no tripod.

One thing I've found moving forward is I'll tear the corner of the post-it not on the camera so I can see the shot number. Just because your camera says a '36 photo' on a memory card that changes deepening on the colour information recorded on each photo.

Enjoy the pics, let me know what you think


PS. I will write another post tomorrow regarding week #2 (it's nearly midnight and I need some shuteye). However, I'll set the theme for the week now for those wishing to get on with it tomorrow:


  • Colour – colour in images,  in buildings, in animals. Colourful characters, colourful language?? Whatever your interpretation of colour may be on a given day.